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When a love story from the 1950's becomes the standard for a grandson to live up to, it can either shape his future or leave him chasing a fairy tale.

Vincent (Nicholas Stoesser) is a charismatic young man who met the love of his life (Jamie Leo) in a storybook "love at first sight" encounter. His grandson John (Michael Bonini) has recently broken up with his high school sweetheart, a truth he is hiding from a now elderly Vincent (Bob Adrian) out of fear of his disappointment. The two stories play out simultaneously to create one narrative about love, loss, and finding the path you belong on.  

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Directed by
James Fitzpatrick 

James Fitzpatrick is a filmmaker from New York. He received his bachelor's degree in Digital Film and Media Production from the New York Institute of Technology in 2021 and his Masters of Professional Studies in Directing at The School of Visual Arts in 2023.

James’ work includes a vast array of media production from film, animation, and 3D projection mapping. He is the current owner of Fitz Studios LLC, a multimedia company with an emphasis on bringing stories to life in new and exciting ways.


Inspired by a true fairytale


"When my grandfather told me the story of how he met my grandmother, I promised him I'd put that story on film one day.

This is a love letter to my family, my home and most importantly, my history. It is two glimpses, a generation apart, that honors the past while charting a course for the future."


Meet the Cast

Behind the Scenes

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